manifesto for a european health union
Titel Statistical Analysis and Reporting of Data on Health Accounts
Datum Dezember 2002
Auftraggeber EUROSTAT
Kontakt Dr. Markus Schneider

The BASYS study refers to the various national work on implementing System of Health Accounts (SHA) and the international work of EUROSTAT/Working Group on Health Statistics and the Task Force on Health Care Statistics (TF Care) as well as on the on-going OECD efforts of introducing SHA.

The main aim of this ongoing project is to provide statistical analysis of the data, which are obtained by means of compilation of SHA. This statistical analysis focuses on comparisons across all MS as a means:

The SHA framework can only improve the existing health accounting systems by adding greater detail, most importantly the separation between the provider and functional dimensions, if the system is applied by a common understanding.
The study provides information on the management of health accounts, the approach used in the countries to implement SHA, the tables produced and issues of further development of compilations.