Health workforce across European Countries
manifesto for a european health union

BASYS is a private and independent research and consulting institute. It stands for "Beratungsgesellschaft für angewandte Systemforschung", which means "Applied Systems Research Consulting Corporation Ltd".

Created in 1980, BASYS shows 40-years experience in the fields of health, social and economic systems on a national and international level.

Regarding health systems, our work covers all sectors of health care. Central topics are: health, policy, organisation and administration, financing of health care, benchmarking and quality assurance, analysis and comparison of prices for medical services, analysis of pharmaceutical products markets, health reports, analysis of fee schedules, institutional analysis, and international system comparisons. Within the framework of social systems, the main emphasis is on the development of social security systems, especially health and long-term care insurance.

Impacts on employment, unemployment, inability to work, health and safety at work are essential issues in the field of economic systems.

BASYS provides knowledge to the Commission of the European Union, The World Bank, OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), WHO (World Health Organisation), Ministries and other organisations. BASYS is committed to quality, competence, and entrepreneurship of consultancy.

Centres of BASYS consultancy and research are: