manifesto for a european health union
Titel Development of a Methodology for Collection and Analysis of Data on Efficiency and Effectiveness in Health Care Provision
Datum January 2005
Auftraggeber EUROSTAT
Kontakt Dr. Markus Schneider, CEPS INSTEAD, IRDES and IGSS

In order to assess and monitor health system performance in a comparable way a set of indicators are proposed developed from the Health Accounts and other relevant health data. The proposed indicators relate to four dimensions of health system performance:

The choice of dimensions, and their related indicators have been guided by EU policy objectives for health and health care, and a review of recent and ongoing work on measuring health system performance by academic researchers, national governments and international organisations. For each of the four dimensions the following steps were performed:

It is proposed that all countries should provide an appropriate Minimal Data Set (MDS) in order to be able to compile Health Accounts indicators over time. This means that both the conceptual approach and the situation in MS should be used to define the MDS, whereas country-specific conditions should determine only the detail of the breakdown of the indicator, but not the indicator as such.

The study is available here.