manifesto for a european health union
Titel Defining A Minimum Data Set And Related Indicators For Use With The System Of Health Accounts In The European Union
Datum März 2004
Auftraggeber EUROSTAT
Kontakt Markus Schneider, Marian Craig (IGSS-CEPS), Raymond Wagener (IGSS), Valerie Paris (IRDES), Dominique Polton (IRDES)

This report summarizes interim results of work to develop indicators focusing on four dimensions of health system performance: sustainability, efficiency, effectiveness, and equity, by applying the method of System of Health Accounts (SHA). To this end Eurostat has provided grant funding for two closely related projects within the work programme of the Core Group on Health Care Statistics of the Partnership Health:

Development of a Methodology for Collection and Analysis of Data on Efficiency and Effectiveness in Health Care Provision


System of Health Accounts (SHA) in the EU: Definition of a Minimum Data Set and of Additional Information Needed to Analyse and Evaluate SHA.

Results of both projects are presented in this report. It should be noted that the indicators proposed are related to both the selected dimensions for measuring health system performance, and the SHA method, which means that the proposed indicators do not reflect all dimensions of health care policy. Examples of a broader set of indicators proposed by ECHI and other projects are also presented in this report.

The study is available at Eurostat.