manifesto for a european health union
Titel Implementing the Concept of Health Care Manpower in Member States on a Prototype Basis
Datum November 2004
Auftraggeber EUROSTAT
Kontakt Dr. Markus Schneider, HIVA, NIVEL

The development of Health Labour Accounts (HLA) and of System of Health Accounts (SHA) is justified by the information they provide. Combining the two approaches offer advantages particularly with respect to monitor input productivity and check consistency of health accounts in relation to labour market developments. Indicators are compiled by combining often different statistical sources. Comparability and reliability of the indicators depend on the consistency of the definitions and classifications used in these sources.

There is a different tradition in the EU Member States to define health professions particularly with respect to social care professions in the health sector. The distinction between health and non-health professions in the health sector requires, however, a clear definition which types of professions are included under health professions. The SHA manual defines health professions as Human Resources in Health Care (HRHC) or the equivalent concept of medical and paramedical personnel, that is the special skilled labour force necessary for providing qualified health care. The SHA manual does not consider “Social science and related professionals“ or "Social work associate professionals“ as health professional. But in practice, these categories are of importance in long-term nursing care. Within the country studies of this report social care profession working in the health sector are therefore generally included under health professions.

A review of the 3 countries analysed (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany) shows that the following basic data are available to compile HLA in coordination with SHA.

Short-term procedures to improve data quality are the introduction of a software program in which data and meta data can be collected in a consistent way together with expenditures. Long-term procedures to improve data quality are to extend the Labour Force Surveys for the health care sector.

The study is available here.